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Psychic and Spiritual guidance to reveal ones inner energy and alow insight into ones life. She is a Master Intuitive Psychic, who specializes in providing psychic readings with truth and accuracy, Beila is a well known psychic spiritualist, known throughout the south, west and eastern regions of the USA. She is known for providing compassion, accuracy, detailed information, and confident content within her readings.

She offers a variety of spiritual services and psychic readings.     Including Tarot Card readings, Spiritual Coaching, Psychic Intuitive Readings, Palm Readings, Chakra alignment, And Aura Repair.

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I am a member with the psychic instution (PSI), Mediation Mediard Memebers (MMM), Auric Energy Association (AEA) Europes Intuitive Enclaves (EIE)


With a strong bloodline of generational intuitive blood line, and years of spiritual practicing i have become a nation known psychic advisor and spiritualist, My Grandmother duddah was a world renowned european healer and spiritualist, My grandmother taught me how to understand the tarot and other psychic tools, At the age of 7 i can remember predicting certain events for complete strangers, I was very aware of the spiritual world from a early age because of my grandmother and mother whom she passed the gift onto, my mother pamela was a spiritualist located in chicago IL, I watched her as she gave readings to many of her new and long time clients and she treated them as if they were our own family, As i got older by the age of 18 i was providing readings along side my mother, We were reading together until i turned 24 when i first moved to kalamazoo with my husband. I am level 3 reiki master, have a degree in parapsychology, I Master in meditative healing and spiritual alignment, Chakra repair and auric levels.

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