Vedic Astrology touches your hidden power to overcome from your difficulites and Spiritual power gives you right path of life and a chance to be Winner in your life.I am Empath, I do Channeling, Card Readings and Energy Healing.

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Hi, my name is Amandra and I am here to help you the best. I am a natural-born psychic as well as an astrologer. I have worked professionally in the field for over 10+ years, including working the major psychic hotlines as well as an international list of private clients.I have empathic abilities which bring emotional connections as well as other information. I have also done channeling. While I am not clairvoyant, I get strong impressions. I enjoy helping people understand themselves and others.I try to key my readings toward understanding, spiritual connections, and practical advice as well as trends for the future.You will hear what you are supposed to hear from your guides to help you move ahead and gain power. Answers that you have been searching for are no longer out of your reach. Become empowered and enlightened.The road you take is in your control and life has many of them for us to travel down. Blessings.


I am an empath channel, I can receive information for you from other dimension, past present and future. I perform guided angel card, medicine card, soul card,and other non-tarot card readings. I also expedite personal healing through dimensional energies and the use of color breathing and white-light clearing.For The Past 15+ Year I Have Been Using psychic abilities to guide all who call upon me. I have given advice to many of today’s most popular people. Now I am here to offer my services to all who seek my advice, do you want to know about Past, Present and Future? I specialize in Love Readings and Reuniting Lovers. I have helped many overcome problems in Love, Marriage, Business, Drug addiction, Anger, and Inner Strength and much more. I will dedicate myself and become your personal psychic; there is no problem to great that we cannot solve together. you will get the most accurate answers to the most troubling questions past lives hidden fears (deepest desires) advises on love affairs and marriage problems advises on any business.

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