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Welcome to my virtual office!

My name is Maria. I am an empath, clairvoyant and clairaudient. I am open minded, compassionate and non-judgemental.

We all have lessons to learn in life to allow us to grow and experience our full spiritual potential. At the best of times these lessons can be difficult to comprehend as we also experience a plethora of emotions that are attached to these experiences. I can help to clear the confusion and guide you in seeking into the truth of the matter.

A reading should leave you feeling empowered and lighter in spirit, not fearful or uncertain. I connect strongly to emotions, that is my forte.

It is for your benefit that you have a few questions ready prior to coming in to chat.

My teacher/mentor is Spirit Amy. I have been working with her on building my skills for the past few years. She is a wonderful mentor that has taught me to channel my energy appropriately and open up my senses to be able to work with my guides.

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