I really need help

over 12 years ago

I met a guy about a year ago. He is several years older than I am and I thoughts things went well. Although at times he would act hot and cold. Fast forward a bit and some awful nasty things were said (I said things out of anger). I have apologized several times and he has always changed topics. Now I know that we can be friends but he is currently ignoring me. I want to reach out to him again but I don;t know how to approach this. Has he blocked me from his email? Will he speak to me again? Can we be friends? Does he have any feelings towards me? I need help as all I know is that I still want him in my life.

over 12 years ago
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I would love to help you get peace with this matter. I can look into his soul, heart, and mind and tell you what he is feeling, thinking, his intentions. Please meet me in chat for a reading. Love and Light.