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There is a man I can’t put out of my mind. Is he meant for me? Are we meant to be? I’m very confused

over 13 years ago
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Scarlett Love Keeper Of Hea... (lovesorceressserenity)

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Blessings!I would be very happy to tell you if you two are meant to be together, what he feels, thinks, and his intentions are with you. Please check out my profile and if you like what you see please contact me for a reading. Love and Light.

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Pradeep Kumar Mishra (kishan508)

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hello write your and his date of birth,time,place and name. I will prepare your birth chart and reply your questions. God bless you.

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Katie (ladykate)

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You need to relax, your never going to figure anything out if you keep second guessing yourself. I know you have a history I know the emotions have been less then satisfactory and they’ve been up and down like you wouldn’t believe. The only way to get through this is to clear your mind relax and meditate. You keep falling for all the wrong men, personality wise they’re attractive, mysterious, and a little bit on the withdrawn side. This specific man yoru thinking about you need to give space, and let him come to decisions on his own, he’ll contact you within the next 3 weeks with good news. Until then, just relax and let it go. Don’t think about it. The reason things have never worked out, has been because you let the emotions get the best of you. Before you find true love you need to find yourself and trust yourself in every way shape and form. Love will come for you when your ready, but you need to have faith in yourself and where your going. I would also highly recommend focusing on school or work as an outlet.

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How about we talk it over. I am here to help you. You will find my advice to be down to earth and very practical.