My Ex what to do

over 12 years ago
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My Ex wants to try again!! Need some guidence please!!

over 12 years ago
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Scarlett Love Keeper Of Hea... (lovesorceressserenity)

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Blessings! I would be very happy to bring some peace into your situation. I can tell you what your ex is feeling, thinking, and his intentions and if you should try again or move on. Please check out my profile and if you like what you see please contact me for a reading. Love and Light.

over 12 years ago
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hi , well i can give you clear insights and give you good guidance , i can tell you what this person feel , think for you , where this will take you , what lies in future for both of you . please come for live chat session . thanks .

over 12 years ago
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Pradeep Kumar Mishra (kishan508)

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better chat me I can tell you everything. God bless you.