desperatly seeking help for my 3yr old daughter

over 12 years ago

I am not financially able to pay for even 10 minutes of help right now and i understand that everyone should get paid for providing a service. My problem is my 3 year old daughter has recently began to openly express things and people she sees, hears and know.I want someone who an tell me who is around me. sine she has come to me i also have been awakened. the things is it is so new to me that i don’t know if i am really hearing and feeling these things or if i am just hoping and imagining. I don’t want to have to tell an advisor exactly what and who me and my daughter feel because then i will still have doubts. I would never be someone that unfairly test an advisor who is helping me BUT i need help from someone who truly feels they are deeply connected. if anyone is able to reach out and aid a mommy and her pride and joy we would forever be grateful. i will repay in anyway i am able. Thank you all

over 12 years ago
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Hello Jennifer,

Send me a message with the information and I’ll see what I can do. If I find that I need to connect with you, I’ll let you know and no, I won’t charge you.

This is not my site and Bitwine has every right to expect me, and anyone else here, to respect that we are using their service and resources so we can’t have the longest chat on earth if we do end up needing to chat a bit, but I will do my best for you and your little girl

I have a feeling I know who you think it is and can tell you now, you’re right.

Blessings to both of you,