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over 12 years ago

I am 39yrs old and I am broke, lonely, surrounded by negativity, and losing hope from time to time. But Im writing a poetry book and wondering will anything, money, career, love, even family get better. just anything in my life?

over 12 years ago
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True Soulmate Expert (trueloveexpert)

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Hello my friend, I feel happy and pleased whenever I can see to it that I have helped some one, to improve their life. If you are ready to hear the truth, then call me anytime.

Regards, Ali.

over 12 years ago
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Aileen (elementalpsychic)

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Don’t feel too down! =) we all go through that phase when we feel negative about things- Id be happy to take a look into your future to see what I can sense. Please come through via chat or message me if I am not online. Looking forward to hearing from you.

over 12 years ago
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Psychic Catherine (catherineramos)

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Hi dear im sorry to hear that i would like to chat with you and look into everything that will be comming your way please contact me,hope to hear from you!!!

over 12 years ago
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Alexandra Chauran (earthshod)

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Make an appointment with me on a weekday between 10am and 8pm Pacific time for a tarot reading to empower you with advice about what positive potential you can bring into your life.

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Sage Guidance (bonabella)

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Hi Annetta, That’s wonderful that you are writing a poetry book! I would love to look into this for you. Feel free to contact me anytime. Blessings to you Annetta, Sharon

over 12 years ago
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moongirl (moongirl)

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You are amongst many who are experiencing the same or similar my friend. I do seethat improvements are coming your way and get the number three – possibly three weeks or months. You need to develop more belief in yourself and your ability to rise above adversity. At the moment, you are accepting it as part of your life and the norm. It is not and does not have to be. I am seeing a rift in your family life which has caused you great distress and which has affected where you are now; like you feel responsible for it. Everyone involved had a part to play in this rift, not just you and I feel you were treated as a bit of a fallguy here. Remove yourself from the pain this has caused you. Ask yourself: if members of your family were not related to you, would you pick them s friends? If the answer is no, then don’t feel you have to carry this burden due to blood ties. They need to nurture you as you have nurtured them, simple as that.

I feel there’s a payout or something similar you have been waiting for and it is due to come to you soon. Use it wisely; self publish your book if you can. You need to be mistress of your own destiny,not led by others. In other words, take back your power. There is also a man in your past who hurt you deeply and I feel you are still suffering the residue of this pain. Again, you were not deserving of what he did to you, nor were you responsible for how the relationship played out.

I hope this helps you some, and pray that you find your way. Your book will be a success, but you must believe in it first. Believe in its success as well.

Good luck and many blessings :)

over 12 years ago

Hi MoonGirl,

That is sound advice – I can relate to what the lady is feeling, and everything yopu say in your reply makes sense! Thankyou. (And Annette, I hope things improve for you), i’m going through very similar experiences.. x

over 12 years ago
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The Psychic StarSeeds (thestarchild)

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Hello Dear, I can feel that you are havign a very rough time, being surrounded by negativity is the worse position anyone could ever be in. I have been guiding and helping people for a while in getting out of bad situation such as these.

At this moment I am feeling that you should simply lay down everything that you named at the end of the paragraph, not letting it go but setting it free to the Universe and things will get much much better if you would do that Mam.

There is nothing but love and light in this message and I am sending it all straight to your heart.

over 12 years ago
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Psychic Angeline (psychicangeline)

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i am positive that things are going to change for you i am picking up end of summer contact me for a detailed reading to help guid you through this rough time with honest answers and detailed information