Why can't I move on?

over 12 years ago
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Psychic Caelia (yankeegirl)

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Thank you for r=taking the time to read this…there was this guy that I was best friends with two years ago. We never dated, but I did have feelings for him and I know he had feelings for me. He stopped talking to me about two years ago this week when he tried to ask me out for dinner and could not get the words out; however, I can not seem to move on, even though I am dating someone else and I know he is dating someone else. Even though we live three streets apart, I never see him, except at weird times, such as two weeks ago when I was coming home one morning from my boyfriends house, who lives 80 miles away, I passed my ex best friend as I was turning into my street. I have removed cords of attachment, asked my guides for him to stay out of my dreams and not to meet him on the astral plane…but he still is in my heart and head. Will we ever reconnect or how can I move on? Thanks….

over 12 years ago
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Rosalynda (loveguidance)

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Hello, I can help you with this. please contact me with your name, his name and i can do a reading for you.

over 12 years ago
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Preeti Poojara (gypcywoman)

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I can help you find out why this connection is so strong and if you are meant to be together or connect.

over 12 years ago
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Aileen (elementalpsychic)

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Hi Erin, this sounds like a typical emotional connective link that happens when we either 1) have unfinished situations that need to occur- or 2) have unfinished communication that needs to occur. When you are ready to find out more, please contact me and I will be happy to help you out in your situation.

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Advisor Hannah (advisor_hannah)

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Hi, PLS contact me live chat and I’d be happy to offer my insights to you. Blessings, Hannah

over 12 years ago
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Dorothy Holder (clairvoyant_energy_therapies)

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Hi Erin

sometimes we are faced with a choice either to go ahead with something or not. when we cant find it in us to go forward for whatever reason, it can leave a sense of having missed something. Energetically where we place a wishful energy our focus is placed in that area or in this case you are focused on him and so he comes up in your thoughts and your dreams.

even when you are cutting so called cords and undertaking methods of disengagement, you are focused on him to do so.

it may be more productive to focus on your life now and those who are in it unless you are prepared to step up and explore your attractions. xxx good luck

over 12 years ago
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Alexandra Chauran (earthshod)

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You can’t erase him from your life. He was an important milestone that can’t be undone. However, you can learn what needs to be learned in order to have healthier relationships that are separate from him in the future. If you’d like a reading on this, please contact me for an appointment between 10am and 8pm Pacific Time.

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Cristina (cristinas.wisdom)

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One of the reasons you can’t move on is because in your mind he is what “subconsciously” you feel is the ideal guy. Also these “feelings” for him may come from past life experiences you both shared, and you being the more “sensitive” one has recognized his soul. I can help you unravel this whole thing and help you move on. Contact me for a reading soon :)

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Psychic_IsisFayette (psychicinsights)

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Hello, contact me for a full detailed reading on what I see, blessings

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moongirl (moongirl)

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you both had to step back and grow as separate individuals which is why there has been nothing between you for two years. This relationship is not finished, and you won’t be able to move on from it unless you truly want to. How do you feel about the one you are dating now? Lukewarm? Like he’s more of a “filler” than what you want? Let this man go and do it soon. You can’t be with your soulmate – which is who this other fellow is you can’t let go of – if you are otherwise unavailable. He is not in love with the one he’s with either, although he is keeping up a pretence of it. He is over his shyness and you won’t be able to shut him up once you are face to face. Heloves you and can’t move on either.

I wish you both good luck here, and want to say that this is a matter of simple timing. towards the end of this year should see you together and seriously discussing your future as a couple.

Hope this helps you some and all the best of luck and blessings to you both.

over 12 years ago
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Psychic Angeline (psychicangeline)

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you have feelings for him because he is also your best friend sometimes thats hard to find in a man there is most definitly connection between you and him call me and let me shed light on a very confusing situation i am offering 3 min. free

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Valentina Holly (psychicvalentinavisions)

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Oh dear, you really need guidance.. a whole lot sitting right on the table, and you don’t even know about it. when your ready contact me.