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I’ve noticed a lot of us clients here are asking for advice, but at the same time giving others advice, as if most of us also have a gift, but are unsure of how to use these abilities. I’ve been told i’m an empath, and suddenly over the past few hours, i’ve had this sense of loss, sadness, and I just feel like crying, but at the same time, I feel that these feelings aren’t mine. I’ve felt like this before. It’s only recentely I’ve been more and more aware of why this happens. I’ve also realised that sixteen years to this date, i lost an uncle, and was wondering if i’m picking up on his feelings before passing, etc. All of a sudden i also found myself thinking ‘Life’s too short’ and feel this need to show more love. When i get this certain feeling of loss and so on, it’s actually quite scary. Are there any psychics here, or anyone really who also found this feeling frightening at first or even now that you’re aware of your abilities, do you still find certain feelings over-whelming and so on?

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hello write me your date of birth,time, place of birth and name. This is spiritual things and energy transfer. Depends upon whom we are talking. Join me chat we can discuss and find the correct reasoing. God bless you.

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Merry Meet destinyseeker,

I would be more than happy to help you understand exactly why you are having these “out of the blue” feelings, which aren’t so “out of the blue” after all.

I will enable you the power of knowledge to live with this in a healthy way.

Waiting To Enlighten You, Priestess Kandi Ranson

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hey hun i belive every one has there own psychic abiliti some are strong like mine and some or not like most others. how ever when you do get advice make sure it is from a psychic on here and not just an advisor many blessings Ms.Carmella