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kinda lost were to go

over 8 years ago

hey i want to know if you can help me were my next job is at or the name of the place and if a friend of my named carly is destined to be with me or not and i want to know if not here maybe you can tell me the first letter of the one that i will be with

over 8 years ago

heloo there,

i would like to help you and can annswer your concerns. kindly contact me for live chat.


over 8 years ago
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miko fox (miko)

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i am invisioning a place with glossy brown tiled floors. i cannot make out exactly what it is but this could be where your next job takes place. i do feel you”ll be working somewhere thats very serious business. alot of excitement. as for this carly person…i feel that this woman cares very much for you and there is a strong connection there. this is all i can tell you for now. if you like i am offering a 12 card reading for the new year with a different card for each month. my work is not for free but i will do my best to provide you with the insight that you need and if you are not satisfied i will give you a refund.

go to my profile and chat with me if you are interested.

over 8 years ago

hello write me your and his date of birth,time,place of birth and name. I can find out sure that he is destined for you or not. God bless you.

over 8 years ago
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MS.CARMELLA (ms.carmella)

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hey hun, i do see much confustion for you latly you have been happy but confused at the same time, if i may have your d.o.b. i will be more then happy to help you. season special first 5mins free until you feel we connect and are on the same track i do see alot in store for you especialy afther the new yr. there is ALOT coming your way mostly good and little bad, but nothing you cant get through, you have been put through alot in the past aswell as much hurt and pain in the past you want to move foward and have true love long term your tired of waiting and playing childish games, contact me for more ACCURATE answers Many blessings Ms.Carmella

over 8 years ago

Merry Meet Daren,

I have a lifetime of experience (40 years) to Enlighten you on what your future holds in all areas.

Contact me with your correct date of birth and I will reveal.

Waiting To Enlighten You, Priestess Kandi Ranson

over 8 years ago
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Guardian Angel (guardianangel)

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Hi dear i would be more than happpy to help you with this please contact me live,also i have a great $10.00 special 20 min of unlimited questions.contact me now hope to hear from you soon!!!

over 8 years ago


Sorry we got disconnected. I have been looking into your world, Want to Try it again?

Waiting To Enlighten You, Priestess Kandi Ranson

over 8 years ago
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Valentina Holly (psychicvalentinavisions)

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Hi, i would love too help you by answering all your questions and guiding you toward the right path. Contact me with your name and DOB, and please hire. Godbless