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I have lost my gloves

over 8 years ago

i recently bought a glove. It black with zebra print at the top. It was cold so i had it on to school and at the end of the school i took out my scarf and when taking out my gloves i only found one. My bag doesnot really have a zip. And i also didn’t take it out at all throughout the day after i put it in my bag in the morning. I haven’t told my mum she’s going to get angry also it was my favourite. What should i do? :(

over 8 years ago

Look in lost and found

over 8 years ago
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miko fox (miko)

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i see the glove on what looks like a sidewalk. also there is vegatation(grass,bushes,flowers,ect)nearby. it is possible that you dropped the glove on the way to school from what it looks like. look outside of the school and if you dont find it notify the lost and found.