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Should i have left this relationship in the pass?

over 8 years ago

Hello all, My name is Erika 12/20/72. I have reconnected with someone I ule to like a alot. well we have had a frew problems and he is bouncing around from a me to others, he say he ready to commit but i find it hard to beleive, He we have fun together and i like hin alot. I want use to finsha waht we tried to start 10 years ago. A little confused!

over 8 years ago
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miko fox (miko)

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queen of pents,the hermit and wheel of furtune. i get from these 3 cards that in the past he liked to just play around and go from girl to girl,not looking for anything special but he is ready to grow up now and wants to give committment a chance. give him the benefit of a doubt. he wants to atlest try. contact me if you would like a more indepth reading.

over 8 years ago

Hi ……. I have rich experience in the field of Spirituality & Religion , love & relationships and compatibility if you’re confused & need to make the right decision let me help you,… I would be happy to help you right away. I will give you full accurate insight on your current issue. Please contact me for detailed & an accurate, honest reading/advice. No false promises here, only a way forward. Call me now.


over 8 years ago

If he’s willing, there is always hope. I am 100% in clarity, I am a highly accurate psychic with satisfied customers, never have failed a client yet. I will give you time frames on exact dates.

over 8 years ago
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lorraine (readings_with_lorraine)

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hello Erika, I’d be happy to see if he is serious, how he feels intentions and if there is a chance to build a strong relationship

Contact me if you would like an honest reading

over 8 years ago

Merry Meet Erika,

I have a lifetime of experiences (40 years) to Enlighten you on what will come to pass with the one that got away!

Waiting To Enlighten You, Priestess Kandi Ranson

over 8 years ago
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MS.CARMELLA (ms.carmella)

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hello hun, i do see you have been going through much confustion, contact me for accurate advice