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over 8 years ago

I have a strong strong feeling i am indeed pregnant.All my friends feel that to.about 7-8 psychics confirmed that i will be having a healthy baby and that indeed they see i am conceiving as of now.(not far along though in the pregnancy..only like 1-2 weeks)do any of you guys feel the same way?don’t lie to me,i want honest answers.

over 8 years ago

Hey there ,

I would be happy to help you, where ever you are now just call me am on line. If you find me off line drop me a message.


over 8 years ago

Hello, I am a highly clairvoyant psychic, all my predictions are 100% in clarity. I am very accurate and do not sugarcoat, I have not had one unsatisfied customer yet. Contact me for your answer :)

over 8 years ago
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miko fox (miko)

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i am seeing a beautiful baby boy with blonde hair. do you think this could be yours?. i do feel that you may be pregnant but dont take our word on it,take a pregnancy test and see your obgyn