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whats wrong with my energy

over 8 years ago

why do psychics keep saying that i am surrounded by negative energy and that its the cause for all my ‘badluck’? ive also been told that few people have the energy that i have

over 8 years ago

Hello, contact me live and I can help you with this. My predictions and time frames are 100% accurate and I have never had an unsatisfied customer, all I need is your DOB and name, all readings have unlimited questions and advice! Blessings :)

over 8 years ago

Hi Dear,

I would be happy to help you what ever concern you have. But let me clear here, I will not tell you what you want to hear , but what you need to hear as it is given to me. Sometimes you may not like what you are hearing and get upset. However, it is in your best interest and remedial solutions.

My intention is for the greatest good of all concerned here. Contact me now.


over 8 years ago
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MS.CARMELLA (ms.carmella)

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WOW im new to bitwine and most of all these psychics copy and paste the same thing to every1 who ask’s psychics for advice.. anyway hun if you provide me ur d.o.b. i will tell you whats really going no no b.s. no sugar coating i douth you have negitive energys but i will double check. from ur vives right now only thing im picking up is that you been thinkng about someone from morning till night you have been stressing out bad latly. contact me hun i will not wast ur money or time n type fast to help u A.S,A,P!

over 8 years ago
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Psychic Consultations With ... (psychicconsultationsbyinna)

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I’m Just feeling a lot of confused energies around you, and some psychic think its bad luck but i don’t think so, I believe you just need a Mini Aura Cleansing:)

over 8 years ago
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Gia.Gainze (giagainze)

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I can do a check into you Chakra as well as Aura energy, this is the main energy source surrounding us, some people that have had allot of negativity (upsetting relationships, betrayal, emotional upsetment) can come up as spiritual negativity or even a streak of bad luck, most people do have this issue and it is common.

Some psychics and spiritualist will instantly see this and assume there is a 'problem' because of it, this is not always true, sometimes we need to go through some negative times and have a streak of bad luck in order to move us forwards, if this is the case its as simple as they have not analyzed your aura or chakra (this takes time and there is a charge, so if you did not pay for a analyzing, you did not have one) which happens allot and you wind up with false info.
If the negative energy is being held onto by your chakra and or aura it is possible to cleanse, balance, repair, or all 3, (depending on the problem) but if you do not have this issue and get this done you will actually have more of a problem then before, due to the fact you are messing with the natural path of energy.
I could analyze your energy, this does not cleanse anything, or repair it, it only reads into, there is a reading along with this so you will get allot of info, and after getting the info together i will tell you what exactly is going on then it is up to you after that.
Prices start at $15, and go up, depending how deep you want to go, how long in the past etc.  I will need you to contact me by email, or live chat as i will some info from you to get started.
Many blessing to you, contact me anytime, Gia.
over 8 years ago
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Spiritual Healer Chanel (psychicchanel)

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hi collette, reading over your post seems the information you were provided has got you a bit concerned, please do not be worried, I am a expert spiritual healer, so i would be able to tell you excactly whats going on,sometimes people mistake bad energy for stress, we intend to have red zones in our spiritual surrounding when under much stress, so if u would like some answers, and or guidance please feel free to chat with me, I would be more than happy to help you. Take Care. Blessings