Blessings reading

11 months ago
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I am seeking a specific blessings reading.. specific events and positive things coming way. Nothing vague.

Please let me know if you connect with me.

11 months ago

I’ll be happy to help!

Bernie Intuitive

11 months ago
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**psychic white magick witch** (spiritualpsychicpaulie)

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well im someone who provides exact timeframes and answers dates names etc. im here for you

11 months ago

hello my name is cassidy lets chat

10 months ago
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Fatima Love Flame !!! (loveflame)

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I can give you deep insight just by knowing your name and DOB and can also tell you what is going in your way.Hope to see you

10 months ago

im truthful with dates timeframes exact and direct answers and i do not sugar coat either


10 months ago

Hello and welcome thank you so much for your questions and yes I am a spiritualist. I can help with positive energy and blessings as well. Please join me for my $10 deal for 20 minutes. I will be logged on at 5 o’clock today central time.