If I ask my job

2 months ago

that i started a month ago for a relocation bonus, will they give it to me? I moved across the country and they refused to match my pay rate at prior job.

Or should I just think about quitting this job and applying somewhere else in the area to get better pay and relocation money? Can I do that without damaging my resume?

2 months ago
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its best to quit and apply for new places in the area it will be worth your wild

2 months ago

I can help

2 months ago

hello luv/ this has a few monor set backs depeneds plz hire for complete details

2 months ago

So, I should stay at my job for a year or 2 and then leave?

Is it not okay to leave bc they did not give me relocation money while other companies within the area would have done so?

What kind of setbacks?

Should I just take my old job back and move back? Would my life be better there?

Or just take a temporary job that pays a lot more until I figure out where and what to do?

I feel like staying at this place will cause me to lose so much money and I came here hoping to earn more money? I will gain experience, but I am at the point where I really need to consider retirement benefits and this company is horrible for that.

2 months ago

Honestly, you don’t need a psychic for that do what feels right in your gut and go from there.

Trust me I spent over 200k on here alone talking to different psychics and none of what was said came through

So I took back control of my life and stopped listening to what others kept saying and it got must better.

Only you can decide what is best from you I know sometimes we get confused, but what you have to decide is, do you like your job, do you like what you are doing, DON’T think about the money now, money comes and goes.

What is meant to be will be, I took jobs that counter offered and gave me more money to stay, but I ended up leaving anyway because just hated the environment.