1111 222 444 555 999 twin

3 months ago

I feel like i’m going a little nuts, i’ve been feeling this energy of something upcoming. I have had so many signs, including seeing an owl in the middle of the day a few months ago. I see those numbers all the time, and the word twin is like constant! I’m trying to remain patient… is my true soulmate around the corner??

3 months ago

Hello Maura! Please chat with me right away, this is a sign of a twin flame approaching but also for something else and spirits say you need to take action and fight asap. Chat with me for more info, I will be glad to walk you though the whole process and everything will be fine.

Best regards!

3 months ago
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yes right around the corner literally coming soon

3 months ago

This could be a sign you are about to meet someone of significance OR that you are about to awaken spiritually :)

about 1 month ago

tbh it sounds like you’re attaching meaning to random numbers and phrases. if you really want a “sign” try asking God for a specific sign. good luck to you