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Hello, I was just wondering if you ask 2 different Psychics the same question why would you receive 2 radically different answers.

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hi sweetie /u can go to quite a few as we all use different methods/tools..as a natural born psychic it would be a honor to assist you..plz date of birth…and allow me to connect with u

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**psychic white magick witch** (spiritualpsychicpaulie)

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readings change when you change your mind or your path

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hi there, I agree with In-Depth Psychic Sessions, I personally read the current path but if a client chooses to change it (end a connection, quit the job etc) then the path would be different. That is how it works for me, as an empath. I also find that if a client has several readings close together or uses different readers, they can enter into psychic attack- blocking the flow or path as it is meant to be.