Maybe my bf is taking to other girls…

4 months ago
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He is moving to other states next Saturday. I have this feeling he is already taking to other women… Is he or he wants this relationship to work?

4 months ago
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from what i can tell it seems this person wants a relationship with you and there is other females as well

4 months ago

Hello, I pulled one card for you from the Aquarian Tarot. Your card is the Empress Reversed. Yes, it looks like he is talking to other women. For a full reading, you can contact me. My $10 deal is ONE Love Life question.

Ladybug Tarot

3 months ago

hello. I am Celine, I am picking up on a few Interferences on his side. but This is not new. I would love to give you some Further information on this dear. this man is putting himself on the wrong path.

3 months ago

allow me to introduce my self..I am a professional PSYCHIC of over 47 years I see there are people trying to interfear 1 session all ur answers …

3 months ago

Hello tmjp68, I can give you honest answers and exact time frames, the answer is obvious as a psychic I can see, but you will need to come chat with me so I can connect to the higher spirits for a better understanding, know the past and future now!

Best regards!

3 months ago

I feel emotionally he has already begun detaching from you. I do feel he is open to other connections but I do not see another GF in his life at this time.

2 months ago

hi/ plz hire I have all details on his actions ..just need dates of birth