Pet help

6 days ago

I recently got a kitten (so far leaning towards naming him Calvin) and at the same time I realized my dog Kona seems to be in pain and maybe not taking to the kitten. ( I can’t tell if he’s fearful or wants to eat the kitten!) Is anyone able to truly help me with getting them both adjusted, and finding out whats wrong with my pup? Thank you so much!

6 days ago

your dog is scared of losing your attention

1 day ago

Hi Ashley, I am an expert at reading pets, I can be their voice for you and let you know what they are trying to say based on auras and energy. I will have help from the divine. They understand that our pets are living and mean a lot to us! Come chat for a better connection and I will be able to help and guide you through!

Hope to hear from you soon..

Kind regards.