How can I be more "worldly"?

25 days ago

I noticed compared to other girl I was not very intelligent and come off uneducated even though my mother was like an accountant.

23 days ago

hello how are you doing babina see god had made everyone different and everyone has the special talent he should look for it i can help you come for a chat god bless you

12 days ago

first of all don’t compare yourself to others we are all unique in different ways find your expert ways not everyone elses

10 days ago

Hi Anastasia! I can see you have been thinking yourself to death on how others perceive you. The truth is you are very smart! Just need to see that on your own. Most importantly people are not paying as much attention to your life as you think Sometimes people aren’t as intelligent as they may seem. So no worries! You are smart and special in your own way

If you’d like more insight and peace of mind on things, please come chat with me! You won’t regret it!

Kind regards.