looking back

about 1 year ago

something really complicated happened between us. Does he have bad feelings towards me?

about 1 year ago

Hi Angelina,

Thanks for this question.

I’m getting that at this time is important to resolve the conflict related to this experience.

Please, find here some practical steps:

1. Develop an awareness of the other person’s emotional state.

2. Demonstrate care and concern for the other person’s emotions by recognizing their validity and importance.

3. Practice empathetic listening to fully understand how the other person is feeling without judgment or an agenda to agree or disagree.

4. Validate the other person’s emotions by acknowledging and accepting their feelings as legitimate, without necessarily agreeing with their thoughts about their emotions. Help them label their emotions with words that fit the experience they are having.

5. Allow the person to experience their emotions fully without trying to fix or change them. Provide unconditional support and love, without imposing your own ideas or expectations of when they should move on or feel differently.

6. Only after validating and acknowledging their emotions, help the person develop strategies to manage their reactions to their emotions. Offer advice and new perspectives to improve their emotional state.

These steps will help process the emotions related to what happened.

I hope we can have a chat to see this situation in more detail.

All the best,


about 1 year ago

I can help

about 1 year ago

I’ll give you proper insight, at this time I do feel he have not bad feelings toward you, there is something else, and nothing is wrong from your side. Thank You

about 1 year ago

Hi Angelina! I am so sorry about your current discord and misunderstanding between you and your love. I will be happy to give you honest, straight-forward answers, though the truth can be a little uncomfortable to hear, it is needed to set us free. I also believe there is more than one answer to every situation and that God always has a plan

Please chat with me for more insight on what spirit will have to say.

Love and light!

about 1 year ago
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no hard feelings just hurt feelings