No one loves me :(

about 1 month ago

I remember I had a lot of older boy that I really liked and spent time with them…but none of them actually took me that seriously…I feel like no one really loves me at all.

about 1 month ago

Hey, I understand what you are going through and my psychic abilities can help you with your situation. Contact me for more details.

Thank you

about 1 month ago

hey there. i’m sorry to hear that and i do understand. try working on your attachment style, and do some inner child work. wishing you well, hang in there.

about 1 month ago

I agree with Gemini. My question is do you love you? Did that question sting? If you build yourself and address your confidence and self esteem your concern about how others feel about you will shift. It’s your perception more than the fact of the matter that causes your internal struggle.

xo Sending blessings and healing!

13 days ago

It’s important to take care of your own well-being and focus on building self-love and self-esteem. This could involve practicing self-care, pursuing hobbies and interests that make you happy, and surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family.

Remember that relationships are a two-way street, and both parties need to be willing to put in effort and communicate openly for the relationship to work. If someone does not take you seriously or does not reciprocate your feelings, it may be best to move on and focus on finding someone who is a better match for you.

13 days ago

If you’re struggling with feelings of loneliness or isolation, it may be helpful to connect with others in a supportive and positive environment, such as through a hobby or interest group, volunteering, or joining a social club or organization. Remember, you are worthy of love and connection, and there are people out there who will appreciate and cherish you for who you are.

10 days ago


NO One is meant to be ALONE. we are all made in PAIRS. It’s just we made some bad choices and that’s what delay things. Let me Guide You to walk on Right Path which going to lead you to your Soulmate.

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Kind Regards