How I want it to be

about 1 year ago

Can anyone help me? I think it would help out to talk about this. I still remember thinking about the ultimate romance. I have long blonde hair, and we are sitting at home. His face looks unusual, like a working class kid’s style. He looks very mature and is probably ethnic not like me. I play with his hair and we kiss…I am wearing ordinary clothes…he is not a famous movie star…just very intelligent.

about 1 year ago

Anyone of us are more than happy to answer your questions when we are listed as available for live chat. There are plenty on this website who also offer dream interpretations. Go ahead and click to chat with someone to get answers to your questions now. Thanks take care

about 1 year ago

I’d be happy to chat. Feel free to give me a call!

10 months ago

God has a reason for these memories hitting you and visions. Chat with me for more info.

9 months ago
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your intuition is showing you your calling your destiny is calling