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Hi, I’m new to this site, who does everyone recommend?

3 days ago

Hi Natasha,

Happy 2023!

Welcome to Bitwine. I have been a reader on this site for over 11 years, and will be happy to connect with you today.

I am here.

Greatest Blessings, ~PMK

1 day ago

Hi Natasha!

Bright blessings! Welcome! I’d be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. My profile is pretty detailed, and I have quite a few reviews to support my work here.

Pixie :)

about 22 hours ago

hello and welcome and thankyou for your question .there are so many good psychics to choose from. im on line if you like to talk,

about 22 hours ago

Hello, Natasha thank you for the question. I recommend reading through the profile, and if it resonates, you get a free 3-minute intro to see if you like the psychic you’re speaking with. Hope that helps :) Love and Light, Evon

about 6 hours ago

Hi Natasha,

This space is full of great advisors willing to help. Pick one that resonates with you.

All the best,