Will this be the month I finally meet someone?

16 days ago

I have had so many reads over the years and I am always told the same thing over and over, but it never happens. Quite a few have told me this is the month. Another insists on July and yet another gave me a completely different time frame, yet they all swear they are right. When it does not happen, it is always, I need to be more patient (I guess 7 years is not patient enough) or that I need to work on myself – you know the usual stuff that readers say. Can anyone tell me different, give me actual details about the person I will meet and how and when that may occur, etc?

15 days ago

Hi Elizabeth, connect with me for your queries for honest and accurate timelines.

12 days ago

hello dear and welcome and thankyou for your queston.right now it seems that there is a stumbling block in your path that is causing blockage , so when we say that you are to meet someone new and it does not come true it means that there is somthing stopping it.

11 days ago

What though? Why is it constantly being stopped?

11 days ago

It’s not a single thought usually that keeps you stuck. It’s the way you are conditioned to view your life and partnership, expectations, etc. It’s not a simple change but ultimately the ironic truth is that there is no time calendar date written that will be predetermined date. I personally don’t work with time frames because there is often not enough time to explain in a reading that every action thought and feeling you have is going to effect the speed at which things happen for you. When another person is being considered, there energy is also effecting the outcome.

I think it can be way more productive to ask the right questions in a reading but must people just want a simple answer to satisfy their discomfort and not so much an action to take.

10 days ago

I had another reader explain to me that I am an old soul, and that kind of speaks to me, but makes me feel I will not find anyone at my age. I am troubled by the many confident readers I saw. Some were able to give the same description of the person it would be while others gave an entirely different description, but none of it ever happened.