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I’m looking for someone who can help me w why my one cat is seemingly acting weird. I just moved into a 2 story home about 2 weeks ago. I have food and litter boxes on both floors. 3 cats.. my one cat Gennie.. spends all her time in this one room upstairs. She will come down for a min to look around and maybe eat..then straight upstairs. Might come into my room to say hi real quick but won’t stay. Other 2 cats seem fine .they’re all over..playing..normal. is Gennie just taking longer to get use to things or is something else going on? Thank you

about 1 year ago

Hi Audry, I also deal in pet readings, please connect with me for your pet’s reading and see what is happening with Gennie.

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Hi Audry!

I can help with animal communication. Let’s chat.



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hello dear and welcome and thankyou for sharing and yes there is somthing different about your pets mood, first of all they are in a new invirement so she is trying to get use to that. im on line if you like to talk further. $10 deal for 20 minutes

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In simple terms, I sense, there is a bit of an energy in this room she is drawn too. I feel a nuturing vibe about this cat, she is careful and thoughtful. Perhaps one of the more respectful of the group :)

Should be nothing to worry about- she’s doing her kitty meditations there for a reason- likely to help clear any stuck or yuck energy that resides in this room.

As long as it’s not affecting you and you don’t feel drained or down when you’re there, you are good. But if you do, just know, Kitty tried to tell you first <3>

Hope this helps.

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Hi Audry! I am an expert at reading animals as much as people, I am a animal lover especially cats! I have always had a deep connection to felines so If you’d like honest insight on them, I will be their voice for you!

For more information, Please feel free to chat with me or message if I am offline I will get back to you asap!

Kind regards!

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Hey! I’m just seeing this but I know we have read together before. I do channel for animals! Feel free to give me a buzz!

Blessings, Pixie

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your cat is connected with some energies so its acting like that if you want to know more please call me