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I hardly trust anyone anymore. The past several years I have kept to myself. However, I know at some point I am going to have to learn to trust again. The few times I opened up a little bit, I realized I was happier, but I am afraid that at some point I might trust the wrong person (could be anyone in my life) and get hurt. How can I prevent this?

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You prevent it by being logical and practical. You can’t prevent ever possible heartache, but you can use your judgement and discernment to only allow people access to you in small increments at a time. Let people earn you.

I’d be happy to continue! Feel free to give me a call.

Bright blessings, Pixie

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work on healing and self growth. focus on your attachment style, as well as do therapy. this should help with any projections and hyper vigilance about self preservation. best of luck to you.

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hi dear nice question i can understands your condition right now its happens bcs you thinks too much and there are many other reasons so that’s why you have to face them.You can take a look at my profile if you want full reading.Hope to see you .Thanks

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(: I can help

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To trust someone is to feel as if you can rely on them to capitalize on your best interests.

Trust is not about being able to rely on the fact that they will put your best interests above their own. Nor is it making them fully responsible for your happiness.

Sit with that definition for a moment.

Let it sink in.