Will he move near me& commit ?or I will be disappointed as usual !

about 1 year ago
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Love has always been deeply hurtful & disappointing for me.gave up falling in love for yrs,till got connected with raj.but he too did the same ! Refused to move near me & marry me!! This was my last try .will I have to be alone now? I am hopeless & tired of waiting for him.already waits for one & half yr .

about 1 year ago

hey there. it looks like there is a chance of better energy in your love life coming up this year. it does not look like that energy is with raj. hope this helps, good luck and blessings

about 1 year ago

I can take a look for you and give you honest and direct feedback. You have to realize that your love life isn’t not fully outside of your control and your actions and energy effect your outcome. I’d be happy to help guide you!