old guy, still single

about 1 month ago

I am approaching retirement and still haven’t found a woman I would consider marrying. Also, no girlfriend in the last 20 years. Time to give up, right? This is beyond ridiculous. I have totally lost hope.

about 1 month ago

hi dear I can understand your condition right now and also can tell you what will next happen in your life regarding love with more accurate time frame. You can take a look at my profile if you want full reading. Hope to see you. Thanks. Fatima LoveFlame!!

about 1 month ago

Andy, I pulled one Tarot card for you. Your card is Death—-This tells me that your life will be changing completely soon. If you would like a full reading, please contact me.

Ladybug Tarot

27 days ago

hello i am here to help you just connect with me to look into your future and the past why things have been slow for you