Will I ever move past this?

about 1 year ago

People say time heals all wounds, but in my experience it only makes you accept the new life, because there is no other choice. Time does not make it easier. Its been almost a decade and sometimes, when I get in these crazy funks, it still feels like the pain happened yesterday – very vivid and clear.

Will I ever move on to a much happier life in all things (people, money, love, career) than what I had with my ex? Will it come to the point I can truly not care what he did to me?

about 1 year ago

Adeleigh, I pulled one Tarot card for you. It was the 7 of Pentacles. This card tells you that you need to put in the work to get what you want, and then be patient as your energy is converted to what you require. Work on yourself and your own healing. If you would like a full reading on what is possible, come chat with me.


about 1 year ago

Thank you LadyBug! I appreciate the response. I feel I have been putting in the work, really made many positive changes. I have also been very optomistic about my future, but then something happens that sets me off, where I am reminded of my past.

So I am just wondering will it happen? Will I move on to a much happier life in all things, kind of like a fairy tale where the good girl that thought she had everything, gets hurt by very bad people, loses everything and then ends up getting everything back that was ever taken and the world she never imagined possible?

about 1 year ago

hello, I would love to help u and give u the peace of mind within your heart and soul I do see and know what spirt want for u I have ask my guide to come in with answers I have the ability to see hare feel and know what is going on without any giving information allow me to help u and tap into all area of your life and go deeper in to this with u if you would like my guidance to the answer you seek in your hare and now life call me and let spirit do the talking for u they have the answers u need and want and there are thing they want u to know from your past present and future book a reading with me and see for your self

about 1 year ago

it’s up to you to release the energy you’re holding onto. you’re still triggered by various events as you said. so there is still healing to be done.

having a fairy tale life doesn’t mean you won’t get triggered anymore.

life is also not a fairy tale – enjoy your life, while you’re living it, is my advice. hope this helps and good luck.

about 1 year ago
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Hi dear adeleigh , I understand your situation and wants to give you the exact direction of life and also guide you how to remove your past bad energies from your mind. Every situation has a story/success we have to recognize where the things has happen bad and sure will tell you the right way . join me Thanks!

about 1 year ago
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Hi Adeleigh, message me for real answers and clarity as to why you keep waiting around and how to manifest and tackle all of life’s problems when they are thrown at you. If you want something done, you have to do it yourself, Make it happen! Message me to find out how to become totally in control of your life.

Much love! xoxo.

10 months ago

Hi Adeleigh! I know this is a pretty old post but I can see good things happening for you especially for Month of May! God has a plan for you so don’t give up hope. I would love to welcome you to chat with me for peace of mind and honest, straight to the point answers plus insight for days. Chat with me anytime!

Kind regards.

9 months ago

The answer is no. The only one that can reconcile past trauma is ourselves. Doesn’t matter what is done TO us, WE are the only ones that can decide the outcome. Will I allow it all to destroy me? Will I rise? My suggestion is to ALWAYS rise. Do not let the weight of harmful actions plummet you to a place of no return. Decide to do better. Decide to rise above the bad decisions of others and accept that you were a product of their toxicity. You were the aim of their hurt feelings and bad behavior, but you do NOT have to be the OWNER of it. Give it all back to whomever caused harm. When we release these traumas, we find ourselves. xoxoxo