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Hi all! I have a question. What does it mean when a couple of psychics predict the same outcome but the outcome doesn’t pan out? How does this work?

about 1 year ago

Hi there!

Remember that you are co-creating with the field of the universe. Your intentions and the actions of others can change the outcome.

A psychic is reading the energy and potential that you hold at the time of the reading. Your energy will vary according to your actions, inactions, and decisions.

about 1 year ago

so there is no “weight” added to a prediction, just because more than one person may say the same thing or a similar thing.

it does seem to be a common misconception though, unfortunately.

my advice is to understand that someone who is very accurate will usually be accurate about 75% of the time.

measure your reading against reality. not against what another reading was.

imho, a reading is like a warning. a way to explore where you are right now, and serves as a guide so that you can understand what you’re working with. it’s never promised or guaranteed. and readers do make mistakes. no one is perfect, or gets it right all the time.

in my own life, i often pick up negatives that will occur. most of the time, i know exactly what is coming. but once in a while, it just feels scary and i dread it, and then i assume what it’s going to be. and it’s those times, i get it wrong. the negative stuff happens…but it’s a little bit different than i assumed…

so keep in mind, spiritual gifts sometimes can be misinterpreted.

and remember, readings are for entertainment. it’s up to you, to make your own choices. you’re the one living your life, and accountable for it. =)

hope this helps, blessings.

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Is it possible that some of the readers share information with each other. Or one reader has more than one account going

about 1 year ago

for us – this company – we cannot have more than one account per site here on bitwine or the purple sites (ocean, garden, tides.) so for example, i have an account here, but also the purple sites, but it’s 2 accounts. that’s allowed. but i couldn’t have 2 bitwine accounts, or 2 purple accounts.

it’s strictly prohibited to share reading information. however, i do know there’s been a few times where someone has said to me, that i have picked up something else that another reader picked up on. they’ve told me, “oh wow, someone else said the same thing!” i’m not sure why it happens – i do worry that maybe it’s the client thinking about that other reading, so i try to really double check and make sure what i get is really from the proper energy.

hope that helps! =)