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about 1 year ago

is this normal? i sort of had friends as a kid but we moved so much i never really had anyone to play with much. i never played pretend with food or costumes. i was surprised to hear stories of children telling each other stories about “oh there is a monster in the closet” etc and all this weird stuff.

about 1 year ago
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about 1 year ago

Nope. Everyone grows up in different cultures. I was not normal growing up. The normal for the fly is not the normal for the spider.

about 1 year ago

Join me I will guide you very much so you will be very much happy with my spiritual connection. I am here to guide you very much so you can join me.

about 1 year ago

You hold within yourself the essence of the child you once were.

As you matured, regardless of your childhood experiences (good or bad) the adult part of you grew up, despite not getting everything it needed as a child.

But the child-part of you did not die or disappear somewhere along the way. This child self of yours exists in your internal system. This inner child of yours symbolizes the core of your emotional self…

There are many different ways to work with the inner child. Reach out to talk more about this.



about 1 year ago
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Contact me via chat, I will discuss to you the underlying and real meaning to your actions.

Much love and stay safe!