Twin flames

14 days ago
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Are twin flames meant to be together?

10 days ago

The whole twin flame, thing – very misinterpreted and there is a lot of false information going around about your other half, or your soul partner.

The twin flame dynamic explains two halves of one soul that had been separated in their imbalance and rebellion and have been sent to repeat a cycle until they can elevate on their own to a level that the two partners can eventually remeet, and ascend together into the heavens as one.

this is the theory behind the twin flame dynamic, but there are so many things that go into , ‘is this a twin flame’ ‘are twin flames even real’ ‘what do i do if my twin flame is not ready’

the whole nine. I had a very close and loved friend who read on many sites for years, who would have sworn on everything and anything that this man she had not spoken to in over 20 years was her flame. She passed away recently sadly but she held onto this til the end, and i saw her suffer great emotional turmoil in her fight to bring him back.

This is why i say it is important that if youre uncertain or if there is something in life causing you more pain than it is growth and love then the best thing to do as a result is to leave it behind so you can live free and happy.


hope this helps.