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14 days ago
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Should i move on from my person? We can’t seem to get in the same page. I’m always told he is going to change and be patient but nothing seems to be changing. I know he’s my soulmate but i know i deserve so much more ..advice ?? Should i just move on or stick it out

13 days ago

Hun the simple answer being to move on “because you deserve more” is the only answer there is. The fact is you don’t want to feel that, but it’s not fair for you to put yourself in a cage waiting for him to make a change to improve your life. Only you can do that honey. You can put any label on it to make it seem more unlikely that you should leave….soulmate, twin flame….he’s still mistreating you and it’s not fair.

10 days ago

Sometimes when we hold onto something and wait for changes without movement in our highest goods direction it causes an imbalance that eventually ends up causing a similiar result to if we had let go or faced our fears in the beginning and respected ourself. It doesnt mean you dont love them or dont want the relationship if you let it go it just means you are respecting yourself enough to draw a line on how you hope people to treat you. xx

sending love and blessings.

6 days ago


Apart from what my fellow advisors mentioned above,please know that some people have misconception regarding the word “soulmate”,most think that they have only 1 soulmate,whereas the truth is that you can have several soulmates.If you decide to move on from this person,know that you are going to free and open yourself up to increase your chances to finding and be with another soulmate,who perhaps treats you much better and deserves you much more than this person. Good luck dear.