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I wish I could have been a mother

about 1 month ago

I remember as a child my family did not want me to have children. I don’t know why. I quickly lost touch with both of my parents. Now that I am older all my friends have children, and I have none and it makes me sad. I have no personal life. I used to babysit but the people I babysit we did not get along with each other, so I felt even further away from the role of a mother.

about 1 month ago

Mothering and nurturing is an energy stream. Although I completely understand what you mean, there are so many children on this earth that are in need of care and mothering. Adoption and even fostering is some of the most rewardning and honorable means of providing that love and nurture to those that really are in desperate need. Blood does not always equal family. On a deeper, energetic level, many of us choose our soul family in our soul contracts before we are born into this life. Don’t assume that you can’t be a mother because you have not birthed a child.

Bright blessings, Pixie

28 days ago

I remember when I was little my pets were like my children to me. Then I grew older and I lost the desire to have children but I loved my pets. I don’t know what they’re giving me now but I am very sad.

26 days ago


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