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It's like a part of me died

about 1 month ago

I know this is really weird,but I remember it was my birthday and some relative’s kids was in our home. I decided not to celebrate, but there was a cake anyway. I say no I do not want to celebrate anything and got really depressed. They had the cake anyway, and they sang happy birthday even though I was not at the table. Suddenly then, I felt like a part of died and didn’t know how sad I really was.

about 1 month ago

Hi Anastasia! I can see how this feeling coming out of nowhere must hurt, it breaks my heart, I want you to know its’s not true and it is not your fault.

All you need is some insight and a way to look at the glass half full. I can read for you if you’d like, God has a great plan for you and your future will be different, there is a chance for change. Please message me weather I’m online or not. I will be happy to give you the answers you deserve for a better tomorrow! Please don’t hesitate to call me, I am here to help. Much love. Xoxo :)