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My parents are dead :(

9 days ago

It hurts so much I cannot even think of it.

8 days ago

Hi Anastasia! I have 30 yrs experience as a psychic advisor and medium, Please message me, I would like to read for you on how to get through this darkness that you are experiencing and into a divine light.. also on what God has in store for you despite the pain you are going through. There is so much love surrounding you right now. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards! Much love. xoxo.

8 days ago

I’m so sorry f9r your loss, Anastasia. By the time I was 26 I had only my mom left. My dad passed suddenly when I was 26 ane by 22 I lost my last remaining grandmother. In a way, I never had a grandfather so I didn’t know what I was missing. My gift really expanded when my father passed and I learned to see the connection among all people.

I can write on this for house. One thing I c an tell you for a fact is that you are absoultely not alone.

IF you wish to discuss this further I’m always here. I here have experieced some incredible things via spirit.

Bright blessings to you, Anastsia. Be well!

Warm Regards, Pixie

8 days ago

No formal words can ease your pain. I have been through the same since my mom passed away. anyways call me, let’s sit together for prayers for our parents. It’s on me not gonna charge you for a pray session*

7 days ago

I am sorry for your loss.

Would ease your mind, connect with me for better understanding.

6 days ago

Anastasia, so sorry to hear this!

A candle has been lit for you and them.