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Any email deals?

28 days ago
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I want to send you one email. Then for you to send one email back. That is it. Nothing more or less. A one time thing.

Do any gifted minds on here offer email? I have written out a detailed description of my situation. I want someone who is not going to skim it then send a generic non-specific email. Or send an incomplete email lacking enough detail hoping it will cause me to spend more. I would consider both a scam and be sure to leave a detailed review.

Money is tight so I would be making a sacrifice from food, gas, ect. This is a one time thing. I feel at my wits end so usually would not do this but feel pressure to get the help and answers I seek. Based on your response I will be able to tell if you actually read entire email (22 pages).

It is an detailed email so I expect a thoughtful response that confirms you actually have a gift and could read into my situation. I am in extreme distress about everything. I do not need a 22 page reply but I need insight beyond a generic response.

28 days ago

Good morning! My name is Tammy, and I am an advisor on here. I was reading what you posted here, and feel pretty confident that I can help you. I always read the entire thoughts a person wants to share…Including the 22 pages I would read with this one. ;)

So if you are interested, I will be online to do tarot readings in about an hour or so. :)

27 days ago

HI there, Yes I do have an email deal

Please go ahead and message me, and we can begin when you are ready.

Greatest Blessings, ~pmk