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November 19 218 my husband Daniel left the country to his country for a interview with the counseled and it been almost a year that he hasn’t been approved for a visa to come home I been needing to know if he coming home soon and also I need to if he been with other women if so I can attempt to go on with my life

19 days ago

Hello, Let me look into spirit and see if he is coming back to you ;. I will see his thoughts and if he been with another woman or not . I will give you the truth good or bad around him and you The good spirits will give m and much more full insight. Blessings

18 days ago

hello, i have all the answers to the questions you have been seeking, let me help guide you out of the darkness and into the light! i’m also having a $10 special on all readings :)

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One of my specialties are Love & Relationships. I have never been wrong when it comes to this field. Allow me to tune in to get to the core of your love life.