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Question please thanks

2 months ago

I been in alot of sorry relationships when will i meet my soulmate or is he already in my life????

2 months ago

Hi Ashley,

That’s such a beautiful question (although full of disappointment) because you’re stating your intentions very clearly for the Universe to help you manifest your true desires. You want to find your SOULmate (not just meet any ol’ attractive person who will entertain you for a little while before exposing what a deviant individual he really and truly is).

To ask Tarot about you, I drew a card and up pops the Ten of Wands. I hope you do an Internet search for “Mythic Tarot Ten of Wands” and look at the image because this card reveals exactly how you are feeling right now. STUCK in the middle of burning poles! BLEH! (The picture will help you see what I mean)

The beauty of this card means that you CAN break out of your current predicament because you’ve absolutely got what it takes to woo your way into the heart and mind of your legitimate soulmate.

I’d love to be the one you choose to work with you. Let me know if you’d like to chat!


2 months ago

Hello, Let me look into spirit and see when the right man is coming in and know their direction and stable and ready for one good woman in his life . oyu the truth on romance for the future and much more . I have specials today . -Live chat Blessings

2 months ago

hello dear and welcome and im seeing in the cards is that your true love has not come yet. im seeing that he will come at the first of the year.im on line

2 months ago

Hi Ashley! I would love to read for you. I won’t sweet talk you, so if you want to hear all the shiny, happy things, please go to another reader. When you are ready for the truth, then come see me. Much love – Jennifer

2 months ago

Good Day Ashley,

You have every right to wonder about “the one”. Come and let’s discover what your future love life reveals.

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