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Will there be any problems?

4 months ago

I have issues with housing where I live with my dogs and with my job I haven’t reported that I’ve been working. I need help I want to know if I have to worry or is it just my anxiety making me worry I am Rose 4/28/1998

4 months ago

Hi RoseP,

Your dogs are super important to you and it’s not always easy relocating when you live with pets! Meanwhile, it looks like your questions regards something other than just your housing situation. I see you’re under some sort of contract collecting a subsidy from a government-run system (something like unemployment insurance?). Can you explain that? [I’m from Washington state in the USA and understand your system is set up a little differently than here, which is why I’m asking.]

What’s very clear is you have been getting assistance in one form or another and the rules are what you’re most concerned about.

I’d be happy to do a full reading for you on this one question by email for just $10. If you have more questions then feel encouraged to hire me live.

~ Tami Mystic_SunTiger