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7 months ago
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Do I need to move on or is there a future in my relationship? 2/12/1986

7 months ago

ive looked into this for you , and I do see potiential in ur relationship but this persons mind games keep telling u different , you have feelings for this person and u like them but u feel like it wont work and that’s why ur scared to put more effort into it … u could give me a call and ill be happy to share and hear more information :)

7 months ago
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Meztli (meztli)

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Hello dear. Any relationship needs mature decisions and support to each other and real interest to make it work making efforts having interest… I see him not ready to have a commited relationship but you could make this to change. Come to chat so we can see better options to make this move on.


7 months ago

I am online and ready to chat!

7 months ago

Youre being walked on and mistreated. And I see mistrust. I want you to have an honest reading please. And with much details. Come find me! im always on :)