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Me and another girl I work with we’re sleeping with the same guy. If I call about that guy can a Psychic get me and her energies mixed up. Even if me and her aren’t connected but we slept with the same guy. Thanks

about 1 year ago

Hello, Let me give you full insight on your questions around this situation and this guy and her . I will give you the truth. I read around the spirit of a person. I have thoughts and feelings . On line now -Live chat -I have specials today . On line now . I will ease your mine . I see a lot through spirit . Blessings

about 1 year ago

I can’t speak for other psychics, but in my experience if you are the one who is calling me and we’re looking into something that’s going on between you and another person, I’d be picking up on your energy.

The only time I am really thrown off is whenever the person is highly anxious or intoxicated so deeply that they are not really “present” with me. Even email readings can be done so long as the individual maintains a level of awareness about the reading, itself.

So if you feel off one day or like you are not sure about getting a reading, that could impact it. Otherwise, I’d say that you and the other lady in question wouldn’t be easily confused at all in terms of your energy output.

Hope that helps :)