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I do a lot of readings and I’m told your only suppose to do two a year. Some say twice a month but I do more than that. Do that mean my readings are not accurate. Cause a Psychic told me it messes with the universe. So how many readings can u do a year.

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Hi dear,

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God bless you

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You getting a lot of readings isn’t going to mess with the universe my dear. What it will change is your outlook. Your thoughts are energy. What your put your attention to your energy goes, and therefor, can shift things. I wouldn’t be concerned with a catastrophic result, but I would question why so many readings. Find a reader or two that is trusted and invest your time in them. I hear this question so often. I never get the point of asking the same question over and over again, other than many hoping to hear a different answer. Even then, it will still confuse you.

Best of luck! Pixie

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I sometimes have clients who will call me daily, others who call me monthly, others who call yearly. It all depends on what the client needs. Messages are not always easy to understand or accept so it can take repeated sessions to work those out. Other times, it’s a matter of the client not wanting to hear the answer the first time and still looking for a different outcome that simply won’t happen.

In any event, I’d be honest with you about what I was seeing and let you know if I felt like you were getting too many readings on the same subject.

I have zero problem with providing an answer as many times and as many ways as it takes for my clients to feel satisfied and like they fully comprehend the situation. I’m here to help – but I also want everyone to watch their budgets so they don’t end up hurting themselves in the process!

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In my experience it depends on the topic and the time-frame. You can ask about a subject with a certain short time-frame, and then you can continue with other readings for the next periods. You can also ask specific questions on different aspects (of a relationship, for example), because it is important to avoid asking the same question twice. So you can take several readings about a subject, but always aim at capturing new aspects of it. Try to ask your questions as clear as possible.