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My pug sunny

about 1 year ago

My pug sunny recently passed away can anyone tell me where she is and is she ok and what is she doing and when will in see her again

about 1 year ago

I am so sorry to hear that, Shanan. :(

I love doing pet readings, though, and can tell you from experience that she is in the same place we all get to go to when we pass on. She will be waiting for you and she may even stop by to visit you especially when she can tell you are missing her.

I’d be happy to take a look into how Sunny is enjoying her after-life and offer further insight on ways to reconnect.

Take care and I send my condolences to you and yours.

about 1 year ago

Can you send me your prices

about 1 year ago

Hey Shanan. I am $3.99/min and around the holidays I like to go on Happy Hour where for 1 hr a day the prices drop to half off!

Take care and have a wonderful week!