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I'm about too close off my heart soon from love?

over 8 years ago

I don’t know who my soul-mate is; Nor do I care. My heart is about too be closed off for-ever. I’m tired of being hurt by men who use me for their entertainment. Enough said. My heart is closed off from love.

over 8 years ago
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Mystical Mandy (psychic_spiritualist_amanda)

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Hi honey, I like to help you with this I don’t beileve you should give up, I’m feeling a lot of energy around you and I like to help guide it in the right direction. God Bless:)

over 8 years ago

You know what’s funny when you stop is when love coming barreling through the dorr. Don’t give up Choloe.

over 8 years ago
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psychic love source (psychiclovesource)

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Hello Choloe,i know you feel like just give up and accept that you can not be with some body because you will get hurt in the end but if you stop and listen to what your saying that’s crazy you and i both now that’s not gonna happen .that’s wrong because i see there’s somebody that you have feeling for and you care about and i also see this person love and cares about you very much i would like to talk to you on this matter free 5 mins

over 8 years ago

Hello, I can help, all I need is your Name and your D.O.B. I can give you a accurate reading to see if there is someone coming in to your life or there might be someone who is around you now a (SECRET ADMIRER!) Best Wishes, God Bless, Dexter…..