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Mom Issues Please repond ASAP

over 8 years ago
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I feel at times my mom is a control freak.After my parents got divourced 4-5 years ago,she changed.She would get mad at me for not giving my brother money for stuff,she would complain about me not having a job.I tried getting jobs,but its hard because when I was little I had Epilepsy and I believe it has set me back when it comes to jobs. I would clean the house alot. She never expected much from my brother. Because of this I have grown to hate him and her alot. I feel she loves him more than me. Am I wrong thinking this? I still live at home,work parttime at a retail store. I can`t afford to live on my own. Please tell me what to do. Am I right about my mom? She has done alot for me,but at times I feel like a burden to her. Help me on this please. My dob is 3/20/1986

over 8 years ago
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Ill be happy to help you honey, just contact me and send a live chat we can talk:) Thanks

over 8 years ago
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Are you older than you brother? So far I am picking up that when your parents got a divorce you became or feel like your the focus of hate. Sometimes that does happen especially with the oldest child. Feel free to contact me and we can go from there.

over 8 years ago
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You might find it helpful to look at Andamanada’s posts!