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This is for the psychics..

Ok – lets just say someone breaks up. They ask a psychic a question. They get their answer, doubt that, and go on to ask different psychics the same question. Do you think that maybe there is so much energy, that it could actually disrupt the outcome? If there’s a chance that free-will and outside influences can disrupt the outcome of a prediction, then surely different psychics, and different energies can cause at least some kind of effect aswell..

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Good question I wonder that too. I think its because of doubt that things like timeframe change but the overall outcome is the same. But that’s what I think I’m not psychic.

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as a psychic I feel that people in general will continually ask numerous times the same questions when they are in doubt of whats being said so they are trying to change it and if asked to frequently their will be slight changes negative energy from the the person involved can bring neg changes and makes things worse one who has faith and stays postive approach betters and each time you consult numerous psychics you can and will almost always get some that will agree or disagree this doesnt mean that they are right or wrong as ultimately the universe and time of things and changes made in the course of things can what they see one must be patent with time frames for when a predication is made for 3weeks,may take months I would me glad to speak with you anytime Take advantage of my 10 deal